Facebook for SIM and PLM Mainstream Revolution

Facebook for SIM and PLM Mainstream Revolution

I read today’s news coming from Gemalto and read “Facebook takes over the world, one SIM card at the time“. Gemalto announced their new product – Facebook for SIM. Here is the quote:

Facebook for SIM, which enables anyone to enjoy the service on all handsets, even if without a data connection or data subscription. With this announcement, Gemalto brings Facebook to millions of mobile phone users regardless of their handset type. “Increasingly people want to be able to stay connected and communicate with their friends on Facebook anytime, anywhere,” said Henri Moissinac, Head of Mobile Business, Facebook. “Gemalto has developed a creative solution in Facebook for SIM that enables people without mobile data plans to stay connected to their friends on Facebook in an affordable way.”

Facebook pushes forward to expand their market share into billions of regular cell phones and not to limit themselves to smartphones, tablets and computer devices. It made me think about “simplicity and PLM” again.

Cross-Functional Handoff

In my view, bad communication between people and teams is one of the reasons why product development fails. Absence of requirements, disconnect between people in engineering and manufacturing. No feedback from customers going directly to development teams. These are elements of bad communication. To organize efficient cross-functional handoff can be a factor to revolutionize product lifecycle practices. However, making it easy can be a key. Today’s tools for process organizations are complex and very inflexible.

Communication Mainstream

Organizations are literally run by email. PLM and other enterprise software vendors invented “collaborative software”. However, complicated collaborative model doesn’t compete efficiently with simply email. Alex Neihaus of Vuuch wrote few days ago “PLM Collaboration Must End… right now“. He got attention. According to Vuuch, ESS-Enterprise Social System (beyondplm: I’m not sure we need another TLA) will take off into the mainstream via “social technology”. My hunch is that email as well as SIM card with Facebook’s commands is the best social technology.  Facebook is stepping back from the Internet to simplified devices. Where is PLM Mainstream Revolution is the right question to ask.

What is my conclusion? Enterprise software and PLM specifically are constantly missing the opportunity to expand into mainstream business and expand their influence “beyond traditional boundaries of PLM”. The complexity of product lifecycle ideas, business processes and implementation made the whole thing complicated and expensive. Maybe it is a time to agree that “simple always wins” and find an alternative way? PLM Mainstream Revolution? After Facebook Egypt revolution, it can be an interesting story. Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

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