Beyond PLM Panel on ACE 2011

Beyond PLM Panel on ACE 2011

I’m on my way to Detroit today to take part in Aras Community Event – ACE 2011. On Wednesday, I will be running a discussion panel “Beyond PLM”. In the ecosystem of Product Lifecycle Management vendors, Aras is an interesting company, which stands aside of main roads. The name behind that is – Open Source. This is also the main confusion point when people starting to talk about what Aras PLM is about. Few weeks ago, I wrote the following post – PLM Open Source: Strategic or Off-Road. There are way too many flavors of Open Sources these days. What flavor is Aras PLM? I’m going to learn it in details later this week.

I’m delighted to have 3 outstanding panelists in my session: Peter Schroer, Aras CEO; David Sherburne of Carestream Health and Vasco Drecun of Siemens IT Solutions. Having triumvirate of a vendor, customer and IT/service people is a good opportunity to have a comprehensive discussion. The context of my panel conversation will be focused on what will impact the next 10 years of PLM. To predict a future is not a very fruitful goal. Therefore, I’m planning to focus more on what PLM future we want to create.

I’m planning to ask 5 questions on my panel. One question is still open. As readers of my blog, you have an opportunity to influence this question. Please comment on what do you want me to ask my panelists and the best question will go live. I will be also publishing my presentation and conclusions of the panel.

Best, Oleg


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