Will New Enterprise Software Move to cloud platforms?

Will New Enterprise Software Move to cloud platforms?

Do you have any plans to develop enterprise software in 2012? Interesting set of predictions is coming from Christian Verstraete and his HP blog about cloud software. Christian is Chief Technologist of Cloud strategy at HP. Navigate to the following link to read more. One of the predictions about cloud (no surprise, since this is what Christian is responsible of). Read the following passage:

New applications are developed in the cloud. IDC predicts that in 2012 over 80% of new commercial enterprise applications are developed on cloud platforms. SAP, Oracle and the other large software providers start investing drastically in cloud to counter the start-ups providing next generation applications as a service. It looks like HR might be the next battleground although it is not clear at the moment how the privacy issues are addressed

HP is a big gorilla thinking about building more software in a near future. Few months ago, HP acquired Autonomy – UK based software vendors for about 10B. This is quite a number… It is interesting to see where HP will navigate Autonomy development in a near future. Autonomy IDOL platform was OEMed by multiple PLM vendors in the past.

What is my conclusion? Development of enterprise software always was a very slow and complicated process. However, things can change soon. Think about Appificated ways to develop enterprise software on the cloud – is it a dream or reality? Time will show… Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg

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