Sunblock Cream and PLM Acceptance Problem

Sunblock Cream and PLM Acceptance Problem

I’m spending this weekend on Cape Cod with my family. When hiding from active afternoon sun, I stumble on blog post by Jos Voskuil (aka virtualdutchman) – Our brain blocks PLM acceptance. I recommend you this read. I found it fascinating. Jos is getting into detail analyses of PLM flaws led to the fact PLM is still not as popular as iPhone, Google, Facebook and, for the worst-case, ERP software. The following flaw was my favorite:

Flaw 4: Anchoring. Anchoring can be dangerous—particularly when it is a question of becoming anchored to the past. PLM has been anchored with being complex and expensive. Autodesk (Autodesk PLM 360) is trying to change the anchoring. Other PLM-like companies stop talking about PLM due to the anchoring and name what they do different: 3DExperience, Business Process Automation…

Living engineering software world for the last 15-20 years, I was enjoying Jos getting into variety of reasons why PLM is not approaching the level of acceptance PLM marketing people and some of PLM vendors want. “Anchoring to the past” idea is actually one, I think, PLM vendors need to be specifically focused on. The behavior of some PLM implementers and vendors sometime reminded the following formular – “When Plan A doesn’t work, go to Plan A”.

What is my conclusion? When trying to hide from unusually active Cape Cod sun, I was looking for sunblock cream – simple combination of pain-value. In my view, this is how PLM vendors need to start to behave nowadays. To have a solution that can help to engineers and other people in a company to get a job done. Easy. Well, actually not. The simplicity is hard. Just my thoughts..

Best, Oleg



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