Twitter PLM Q&A – ask me anything!

Twitter PLM Q&A – ask me anything!

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Happy Friday! Summer is over and long weekend is just around the corner. A good time to try something new.

I was thinking about to try a new way to communicate with people interested how to make the world of software for product lifecycle management better.

Beyond PLM is running almost 7 years daily (except weekends, of course :)). So, blog is great, but I know it takes time to catch up with reading and you are all busy people. Over the summer, I’ve been thinking about new way to communicate with people interested about product lifecycle management and related topics in engineering and manufacturing software. Something that will be more connected and less time consuming. I will do it in addition to my daily blog, which I’m committed.

Here is a news… I will create weekly Twitter PLM Q&A sessions. You can ask any questions you might have about PLM. I will run it on a weekly basis. THE FIRST ONE WILL RUN TODAY (FRIDAY) AT 12PM EASTERN TIME. The day and time might change in the future, but the Twitter PLM Q&A will run weekly.

ASK ME ANYTHING! Technologies, products, implementations, cloud, data, processes, parts, BoM, ECO, collaboration, social, cloud, vendors, competition… I look forward to your questions. Use my @beyondplm twitter account.

Best, Oleg


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