Happy Birthday! Daily PLM Think Tank, 6 months…

Happy Birthday! Daily PLM Think Tank, 6 months…

I’m excited! 6 month and 1 week ago I started this blog. This is time for the short conclusion. So far

200 posts,   1’000 comments,   45’000 page views

Daily PLM Think Tank - 6 months...

So, we made it! Thank you all for helping me to work on this blog with your comments and participation. I’m looking forward to have many future discussions with you.

Write me what do you like, and what you don’t

Wirte me what topics do you want to discuss…

Sincerely Yours,



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  • Milind

    Dear Oleg,

    your blog is a way for many like me as a guide towards real meaning of PLM and not features of softwares. Many vendors claim their features as PLM functionalities.

    Refer your blog “do we need multifaceted BOM compare”. How nicely you made a reader to understand what I meant above.

    But can you then help us in understanding how to solve this problem? What is better way to tell designers and shop floor and assembly people and in general all users about BOM difference details required for daily use.

    I think BOM for a particular assembly is very rigid. What changes is only addition and nothing is deleted from basic BOM when given to others. This should be managed by tool in a matured way.

  • Roberto Picco

    Competence leads always to success. Kudos, Oleg!

  • Roberto, Thanks for your words! Best-Oleg.

  • Hello Milind, Thank you! When I started this blog, I wanted to take practical approach to explain and discuss PLM in simple words and terms. During my professional life I found many companies and organizations have very practical expectations from PLM, but not always can realize it under heavy weight of value-feature-lists…

    With regards to “how to solve these problems?”… I think, I’ll keep this blog as brainstorming place. I have an idea for my next blog which will be more “problem solving” orientation. This is still undergo process. But you will see it in the near future.

    Best regards, Oleg

  • Steve Calvert

    As I am just a CAD guy, it does make my day to read more of what goes on around the rest of the world close to my belongings. Congrats Oleg…


  • Steve, Thank you! A lot of PLM-related stuff built around design. I think CAD and design provide one of the core values for PLM, since initial IP created by designers. To understand this data and value is one of the key roles of PLM. Regards, Oleg

  • Congratulations Oleg. The range of topics you cover and frequency of posting is amazing.

    Best Regards


  • Tom, Thanks a lot! I have to say, this is part of this is “reader participation”. You helped me with this, and I’m looking forward to new discussions. I think we all together can make industry better. Regards, Oleg

  • I meant to comment earlier this week and forgot. happy b-day Oleg. Great content, thought provoking and different. keep up the momentum man. see ya.

  • Josh, Thanks a lot! … Take care, Oleg.