PLM Prompt: SolidJott – way to integrate social tools in CAD?

PLM Prompt: SolidJott – way to integrate social tools in CAD?

I’m looking on SolidJott plug-in for SolidWorks. My opinion, that social tools need to be integrated into CAD environment. The main question, I’m asking -what is practical way to do so?

Solidworks SolidJott plug-in

I’ve been looking on few examples of social tools integration into CAD and design environment. Starting from joke-like-twitting-SpaceClaim and up to serious Vuuch concepts.

So far, I liked approach SolidJott is taking… Immersive, Connecting and Social. What do you think about?


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  • Oleg,
    What SolidJott is doing is integrating social computing techniques directly into the engineer’s world – their desktop. The more social computing can be integrated – to the desktop, to business processes, and to the underlying product data – the more valuable it will be.
    The interesting thing about SolidJott is that it points out the importance of the community and how the tool is used to connect them around a common interest (modeling in SW).

  • behnt

    Lets not forget Jim that SolidJott is only the start. I will be embracing other CAD communities such as Catia with CatiaJott here next. Thank you both for the post and comments.


  • Jim, Agree with you. social network integrated into design environment can provide ultimate value. Designers need to be able to have it transparrently integrated. This is why I liked how SolidJott plug-in built in SolidWorks environment.

  • Ben, CATIA Jott is interesting. Modern CATIA environment built on 3D Live user experience. will be interesting to know your view on tihs? Regards, Oleg.

  • Oleg not sure you noticed but if you use the Vuuch add-in and create a Public Discussion it will get posted to sites like SolidJott, Projott, and a new site I hope to see soon so people can post engineering question through the Vuuch add-in.

  • Chris, thanks! very cool examples. SocialBom is cool too. Thinking about integrating of social networking, I think we are on the right track and adoption will be key factor… Best, Oleg.

  • Liking the name!

  • socialbom –> It’s not me… credit to Chris Williams!