Internet Kills. PLM better move to become real PLM 2.0…

I’ve been enjoying reading UK Telegraph’s 50 Things that are being killed by the Internet“. So, good news PLM is not on the list yet. But, point was made very clear Internet can change our life and Internet can change our business. I think, Enterprise 2.0 is the real beginning of change to more productive tools toward open information exchange. This wave is slowly coming to enterprise, but will hit PLM space too. Take a look on a good comparison between Enterprise 1.0 and Enterprise 2.0.

enterprise 20 vs enterprise 10
So, what I‘m thinking about it? I think,Internet intervention is coming to enterprise space and Enterprise 2.0 is the first sign. But, looking on Enterprise 2.0, I‘m thinking how much PLM need to accomplish in order not to be killed and transformed. The top issues for me are flexibility, bottom-up, transparency, global. I think we still have long way to go.

Best, Oleg


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