PLM Think Tank – Top 5 Posts, June 2010

PLM Think Tank – Top 5 Posts, June 2010

This week I am launching my new web site Beyond PLM. I started my first blog Daily PLM Think Tank on back in 2008. PLM Think Tank is my attempt to discuss innovative ideas and thoughts about Product Lifecycle Management. Now I decided to expand my online experience. I felt PLM boundaries put some restrictions on the topics I wanted to discuss and, occasionally, I felt bound to a specific context. So, I had the idea of Beyond PLM. This is my contribution to the community of people looking for information about Engineering and Manufacturing Software. We live in a world of information. It is everywhere. However, it is still not so easy to get information you need. My belief is that one day information will be easily available where you need it at the time you need it. This is the future how I see it.

Now, PLM Think Tank June’s Top 5:

Open vs. Closed PLM Debates

This post started long debates around openness in PLM. Openness is not a simple topic. My conclusion, so far, is that vendors are selling as much openness as they need at the time they need. Openness can be compensated by other factors, such as, coolness. We are going to see more and more stories related to development of Open strategies. There are clearly two possible options: 1/To create excellent integrated product suites and sell them to customers (i.e. Apple story) or 2/To develop open strategies. My take – I think Open game is hard. However, the prize can be big.

How to Manage ECO without paying $1’500

The idea of this post came from a Google buzz conversation. I think, we came to the point where everybody in the organization is looking how to work differently. It is not only about how much to spend on the particular software package. It is about how to organize work better and simpler. The technology doesn’t matter. I’m taking “microshare” as an option. We need a technology that can allow to user to work in simpler manner.

PLM Lifelike Search Injection

These analyzes and thoughts came out of DS-Exalead acquisition. DS acquisition reminded us again, that PLM space is alive and will continuously provide innovative solutions for enterprises. Search is not a new kid in the PLM solutions. All PLM vendors in the past made deals with providers of enterprise searches: Endecca and Autonomy. It will be interesting to see how DS will merge Exalead concept of SBA (Search Based Application) into their portfolio.

PLM and ALM: How To Blend Disparate Systems?

I’m touching in this post a problem of work with disparate engineering and enterprise systems in the context of PLM and ALM. The landscape of application involved in this product development is very large. The number of applications is growing. The ability to absorb the requirements of all applications into one minimal single standards schema seems impossible. The new and more efficient way to interlink data need to be proposed. We don’t need to bring software build and engineering bill of materials to a single representation. However, we need to be able to interlink data related to different applications to maintain data integrity.

PLM and A Single Point of Disagreement

There is well know PLM statement about creation of “single point of truth”. Is it really possible? I’m discussing some alternative options related to work balancing between different people in an organization. To create an integrated and balanced way to manage product development is not a simple task. PLM is missing this point and assumed the actually data model integration will be created during PLM implementation and will be driven by customers. I can see it as a mistake that makes an implementation process lengthy and implementation costly. To resolve this problem will help to bring a desired simplification into PLM world.

Best, Oleg


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