Run For A Collaborative Inbox?

Email is continuing to be one of the most widely accepted collaborative tools. However, nowadays, we can see the next attempt to change our Inbox behavior. How? Following a significant success of social networks and, lately Facebook, we can see multiple social collaboration platforms are coming: Cisco’s Quad, IBM’s Quickr,’s Chatter. PLM system providers are also moving forward and producing PTC Social Product Development, DS BlueKiwi Social Innovation, etc. Facebook people claim death of email today. Take a look on the following video:

So, the question, I’m asking – what should be done in the collaborative enterprise to move users to collaborate differently? I had a chance to read an interesting Forbes article by Dan Woods- Getting Shape To Collaboration Tech.

He wrote about SAP StreamWork:

Only SAP ( SAP news people ) StreamWork took steps in the direction of offering structure to one form of collaboration: making decisions. StreamWork proposes a model for making a decision, tracking the arguments for and against, capturing the supporting evidence and the key objections.

This is sounds as an interesting turn. Will “decision making” be able to move people to use SAP StreamWork instead of Outlook’s Inboxes? I’m not sure… The “decision process” smells complexity to me. Inbox is made damn simple… Just my thoughts…

Best, Oleg


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