Mobile, Photo, Video and Manufacturing Collaboration

Mobile, Photo, Video and Manufacturing Collaboration

Mobile communication is evolving. Lots of new things happen. iPhone was a revolutionary device that introduced back-end camera and allowed to share photos and videos. During the last six months, we have seen a massive introduction of front-end cameras on multiple devices. In combination with back-end camera, it opens the whole world of new opportunities.

I’ve been watching the following presentation by Brian Pokorny during the Web Summit 2.0 in San-Francisco. I found it interesting. Watch that and make your opinion.

This video made me think about a possibility to improve communication and collaboration in manufacturing organization. The opportunity photo sharing creates is related to the potential communication and content sharing. Picture worth thousand words. Today, email communication is mostly “word” oriented. People are talking about social communication, which should come and replace email collaboration. Photo and video can create a new dimension of communication.

What is my conclusion? Email is sticky. Email runs companies. However, everybody understood the inefficiency of the email. It is hard to kick an email from the comfort zone. Web 2.0, social systems, etc. – it is all about how to improve to communication and collaboration. Photo can be the next step and additional powerful dimension. Just my thoughts..

Best, Oleg


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