PLM and Excel-lence

What is the most popular PLM system in the world? Yes, Microsoft Excel. In my view, every time PLM system fails Excel is making this job. Not easier. Complicated. Costly. Painful. However, when often move to Excel when we need to “get job done”.  In every manufacturing company, you can find a person who is responsible of a bunch of very important Excels. Microsoft is celebrating 25 years of Excel. Take a look on the following video and think about your PLM Excels.

By the way,  Microsoft is running contest on Facebook. Navigate to the following page. I think, by submitting your PLM excels you have a good chance to win Microsoft Office and Kinect package.

What is my conclusion? I decided not to make a conclusion. I have few questions instead. What will be the next 25 years of Excel? When we’ll see a system that can replace PLM Excel in a company? 

Best, Oleg


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