PLM Compound Data and Google Collaboration

PLM Compound Data and Google Collaboration

I made a short note today. Google enhanced the capability of Google Docs with embedding video playback. Navigate your browser to the following Google blog describing how to realize it. In addition, you can take a look on the document providing the specification about what video formats are supported.

The importance of rich media content is increasing over the time. Google improves their capabilities to share content. It can be an interesting option for people who considering Google Apps as an option for collaboration inside of organizations. It made me think, Google Doc can be in the future enhanced with the ability to embed players like JT-Open and 3DVia to provide even richer content. The upload procedure is pretty simple. You just upload video to your Google Docs. When you open document, the players automatically turns on.

One question remained not answered. The ability to search these videos and rich media content can be a powerful capability. Google is not saying a word about that.

What is my conclusion? Collaboration tools like Google Docs and Google Apps are increasing their power to support more scenarios beyond basics only. They have an option to challenge specialized tools coming from PLM vendors in a near future. In my view, this is kind of alarm for big PLM bears…
Best, Oleg


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